This game was designed to exist between analog and digital. It utilizes technology in a unique way while also relying on physical pieces and interactions. Cards are delivered to the user from a virtual deck and then actions are performed in the physical realm. These digital flips are triggered by pressing a button on physical remote. When challenges occur, each player is instructed to draw the shape in air and the most accurate and fastest is awarded a win based on a scoring algorithm. The winner of each round gets to place one of their chips on the board, with the goal of the game being to dominate the board.


The development of this project went through several renditions. The digital elements were considered from the beginning and always kept in mind as the mechanics and game board were designed.


The final product is based almost entirely in Java. WiiMotes send their accelerometer and button data over bluetooth to a Mac. Their data streams are then sent through a MIDI stream into the Java program. Button clicks allow for card flips and the beginning / advancement of each round. The accelerometer data of each player is compared to a data profile for each shape.