Purpose and Function

ContemPaint is a painting app that aims to encourage the improvement of one's mental health through artistic impression. Through guided tutorials, it also offers unique educational opportunities. Users can select, and easily switch between, modes that represent different goals. Based on the mode, the application’s canvas allows you to access an open-ended prompt for your artistic interpretation or a self-paced stroke-by-stroke draw through of a simple subject. A social component focused solely on the sharing of images and a bit of friendly competition incorporates a community building aspect that is free from unnecessary pressures or comparisons.

Do you find the act of drawing to be stress relieving or relaxing?

Have you a desire to improve upon your drawing skills?

Do you find virtual reward systems (medals, streaks, etc.) motivating?

How motivated are you to see others interpretations of ideas?

71.4% of those surveyed said that they did not draw frequently. The breakdown as to why is shown above, education and inspiration were very popular.

Research Findings

The thought process behind this application pulls from research that shows an incredibly strong relationship between drawing and improvement of mental health. Studies have shown that drawing to distract is more beneficial to one's mental state than simply drawingt to express emotions they may be experiencing. This is why ContemPaint provides every user with a random, internally generated prompt each day. Target user surveying helped refine the application's offerings and eventually lead to the development of the “Learn” mode.