Brick and Mortar

This project represents a proposal for a physical storefront experience for Brandless, a consumer packaged goods brand that focuses on giving customers just the good stuff. The proposal is made up of a brand analysis, consumer personas, several competitor evaluations, as well as the elements, mockups, and renderings of the final concept. The video below acts as an introduction to the brand and covers its values and goals.

Environmental Graphics

One of the visual centerpieces of the large ground-level space is the graphics that adorn the rear wall. Forms reminiscent of the Brandless logo and bring pops of colors and product imagery into the environment.

Out-of-Store Experiences

Part of this retail proposal included shop-in-shop kiosks with machines to refill products in their reusable containers, recycle, and browse other Brandless products. The mobile app ties each experience together, offering rewards for making sustainable choices and recycling while also helping you manage your online orders and monthly subscriptions.