Projection & Construction

From the start of this assignment, the hope was to utilize projection mapping in some way. This combined with a desire to projection map the real Hayes Hall lead to the concept of crafting and putting video onto a model of it. The model is made up of four different segments that each feature a required face, while also utilizing it in a way that helps to connect it to the other parts.


Creating interlocking elements requred a rather high level of mathematical precision. To ensure that those measurements made it from drawing to model, pieces were created in Illustrator and laser cut for maximum accuracy. It was decided early on that the projection mapping should make use of the structure as a mask, so that it's silhouette hints at its existence early on.

Finished Forms

The completed structures were either made of or covered with white bristol board. Creating a clean surface was ideal for achieving vivd and clear projections. The use of the laser proved to be highly effective, as each piece easily fit together.